+ What will the Macon Pops experience be like?

Picture this. As the Macon City Auditorium is transformed into a top-shelf nightclub, patrons will be encouraged to fill the dance floor, indulge in fabulous food and drinks, and enjoy lively music – all at an orchestra event.

+ What's the deal with food and beverages?

Satisfyingly delicious food and drinks will be available for purchase at the Macon City Auditorium. No picnics or picnic baskets please (You can bring the red checkered blanket if you wish, just no food or drink).

+ If I want to get up and dance, can I?

Actually, we encourage dancing. We hope to see you out on the dance floor busting a move.

+ Who are the musicians of Macon Pops?

40 of the most talented, professional, and cool musicians from around the Southeast and across the country.

+ Are there any other events like this around the country?

Yes. There is a Glendale Pops and a Hawaii Pops. Matt Catingub is the Artistic Director of both.

+ How will Macon Pops differ from traditional symphonies?

Generally, symphonies consist of 75+, full-time musicians. Macon Pops will have 40 talented musicians from around the country who show up on the day of the concert, rehearse, and provide an evening of unmatched musical fun. It’s less of a show and more of an event that we want guests to feel a part of and experience in the way they enjoy most.

+ When are your next shows?

September 18, 2015
November 6, 2015
October 2, 2015
February 19, 2016
April 22, 2016

Learn more about our upcoming shows!

+ What do I wear to Macon Pops?

We recommend clothes. Whatever clothes you want to wear! We want you to come to Macon Pops just as you want.

+ What is ‘pops’?

We aren’t talking about soda here. The term pops encompasses contemporary, non-traditional orchestra music. In short, it’s awesome.

+ What is the purpose of Macon Pops?

To enrich the community of Macon and Central Georgia by providing exciting events that promote musical and cultural appreciation and awareness. And lots of other good stuff.